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Johnny G

“I am a passionate hair designer, who believes that beauty starts from the inside. My canvas is YOU, and I believe that any artist should understand their canvas before they start work.”

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International beauty expert Johnny G has been featured on ABC, CBS, and NBC as an award winning Beverly Hills 3D cut-and-color artist for celebrities and clients just like you. His amazing Beverly Hills 3D hair designs change women’s lives.

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New Beverly Hills 3D Hair Salon

Featured on ABC 15:  One of the hottest new Beverly Hills salons – trending right now in Arizona – Hair by Johnny G (Watch Now).

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Your personalized beverly hills 3D hair design is only 3 steps away at Hair by Johnny G salon

Get fitted for your perfect hair design

 It all starts with your “Perfect 3D Fit” (cut, color, and style), which I use in the salon on my celebrity clients and clients just like you.

– Johnny G

First Step

Get Fitted

You get fitted for your clothes and shoes, but what about your HAIR? My Beverly Hills “Perfect 3D Fit” hair guide consultation will help you discover what cut, color, and style will best “fit” your face shape, skin tone, eye color, lifestyle, and personality.

Second Step

Creating Your Beverly Hills 3D Hair Design

It’s not just about cutting hair — it’s sculpting the hair.

I’ll use my award winning Beverly Hills 3D cutting and coloring techniques to create a custom 3D hair design that “fits” your face shape, skin tone, eye color, lifestyle, and personality. It works with any length of hair (short, medium, or long) and type of hair (straight, wavy, or curly).

It even makes fine hair look twice as thick and gives you twice as much volume that will last all day long!


Third Step

How To Style

An exclusive design by Johnny G – the “Beauty Station” – is a station in the salon designed to look like your bathroom at home. This station shows you step-by-step how to style your Beverly Hills 3D hair design like a pro at home.

Style Your Hair Like a Pro

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