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I am a passionate hairstylist who believes that beauty starts from the inside. My Canvas is YOU, and, I believe any artist should understand their canvas before they start their work.

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What's the best "fit" for your face shape?​


What 3 colors best "fit" your skin, eyes, and face?​


What "fits" your lifestyle and personality?


First Fit

Your Face Shape

Most salons start out by asking the client “what are you looking to do?” At Hair By Johnny G, the indecision and work of needing to know beforehand is removed.

Starting with your first visit, we’ll start by determining what will work for your hair by:

First, What's the best fit for your face shape?

(round, oblong, squared, ...)

Second, What type of hair do you Have?

(thick or thin, straight or wavy, ...)

Third, What are your facial features?

(wide or close set eyes, nose shape, chin structure, ...)

Many bad hair design problems can be prevented by understanding face shapes.

Hair color is the crowning jewel


Second Fit

Your Color

After we have “Fit Your Face Shape,” we’ll move on to finding 3 perfect colors to enhance your appearance. Many women overlook the importance of this step.

The 3 things to consider are skin tone, eye color, and face shape.

First Your Skin Tone

Determine your shade of skin tone to make your skin look younger & smoother.

Second Your Eye Color

To brighten and bring out the color of your eyes.

Third Your Face Shape

Using the placement of color to enhance your facial structure.

My Clients Say...


Third Fit

Your Style

We’ll then finish off with the most important aspect of all – What works for your lifestyle and personality?

Your Lifestyle

(natural, classic, modern, or trendy)


(classy, sassy, or edgy/bold)

We’ll also discuss the stereotypes about hairstyles and colors that can sometimes influence a person’s first impression of you.

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Meet The New You

Your Hair Problems SolvedAsk The Expert

You’ve received your Beverly Hills 3D Hair Design – Your Perfect 3D Fit… Gorgeous, stunning, and simply BEAUTIFUL! 

Now, how do you maintain your gorgeous hair every day!?

When you leave the salon your hair looks great. Your stylist has explained everything and it makes sense at the time, but you get home to work with your hair and you just can’t remember the steps you were told.

To solve this common dilemma that you and my clients have experienced time and again, I want to introduce you to an exclusive section – “Your Hair Problems Solved: Ask the Expert.”  This section is for everyone and I will provide step-by-step beauty tips, tricks, and videos on how to apply products and use household styling tools to make sure you maintain that gorgeous hair every day!


International Beauty Expert

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