Luxury Style

Receive the focused attention you deserve. Unlike other noisy salons, at Hair By Johnny G the entire space is devoted to YOU without distraction in luxury style during your appointment – including the one of a kind “Beauty Station!”

Styling Like A Pro

Beauty Station

An exclusive design by Johnny G – the “Beauty Station” – is a station in the salon designed to look like your bathroom at home. This station shows you step-by-step how to style your hair like a pro at home.

Need further advice? No problem! My collection of step-by-step beauty tips, tricks, and videos will show you what you need to know to work with your hair in your own bathroom. So you can have gorgeous hair everyday!

Style Your Hair Like A Pro

Free Membership

Exclusive Perks

Learn Tips and Tricks: Get access to member only beauty tips, tricks, and videos with expert advice from International Beauty Expert Johnny G.

Perfect 3D Fit

Your Hair Guide

Johnny G will walk you through each section of his hair guide to show you what cut, color, and style will best “fit” your face shape, skin tone, eye color, lifestyle, and personality.

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