Get Fitted For Your Perfect Hair Design

Perfect 3D Fit Guide

(Cut, Color, & Style)

Discover what fits your face shape, skin tone, eye color, lifestyle, and personality!?

(Watch Now) Johnny G on NBC on how to get fitted for your perfect hair design.


How often do you leave the hair salon frustrated?

This is previously why I put together the step-by-step Beverly Hills “Perfect 3D Fit” hair guide, which I use in my salon on my celebrity clients and clients just like you to discover what cut, color, and style will best “fit” you face shape, skin tone, eye color, lifestyle, and personality.

Johnny G was featured on ABC 15 explaining how important it is for you to know what the right cut, color, and style is for your face shape.

So let’s get “fitted!”

– Johnny G

A Sneak Peek Below

Get Fitted

You get “fitted” for your clothes and shoes, but what about your “HAIR!?”

Your 3D Fit

What is the best cut for your face shape?

In your Beverly Hills “Perfect 3D Fit” hair guide consultation, Johnny G will determine your face shape, and find hairstyles that work for you and which ones to avoid. I believe that this is one of the most important physical characteristics for a great hair style!

It is the frame of the face that enhances your beauty.

Your 3D Fit

What is the best color for your skin, eyes, and face?

In your Beverly Hills “Perfect 3D Fit” hair guide consultation, Johnny G will teach you a few ways to best determine your skin tone. You will also learn why knowing your skin tone is important when choosing your hair color to enhance your skin to look smoother; and we will find your perfect hair color to brighten and bring out the color of your eyes.

Finally, we will touch on hair contouring – the placement of color to enhance your facial structure.

Your 3D Fit

What's your style?

In your Beverly Hills “Perfect 3D Fit” hair guide consultation, Johnny G will go over the most important aspect of all — your lifestyle (natural, classic, modern, or trendy) and personality (classy, sassy, or edgy/bold). We’ll also discuss the stereotypes about hairstyles and colors that can sometimes influence your first impression when you meet a person. You will find out what you want your hair to say about YOU and make sure that your hair is doing a great job in saying it!

International Beauty Expert Johnny G Knows HAIR

Featured On

Johnny G is an award-winning international Beverly Hills cut-and-color artist. With more than 25 years of experience, he has become the “go-to” HAIR expert for celebrities and clients just like you. Johnny G had the privilege of training in London, at the Goldwell Color Academy after winning a national color contest. After this, he became a national award-winning color educator for the company. Johnny G stays current with the latest celebrity trends and continues to update his cutting, coloring, and styling skills and techniques in one of the largest fashion conscious cities in the United States: the one and only Beverly Hills. After training there exclusively for over ten years with world renowned celebrity hairstylist Masaki, Johnny G became a member of his International Beverly Hills creative design team: “Masaki Art of Hair.” That’s where they teach and create the latest trends that you see in magazines and on TV.

Johnny G brings his exclusive Beverly Hills 3D hair design to Scottsdale, Arizona at his all new state-of-the-art Beverly Hills 3D hair design salon – Hair By Johnny G.

International Beauty Expert

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